The Annual IPPA
ACT Conference

The Brief

The Institute of Public Administration Australia (IPAA) provide a platform for the promotion of Excellence and Professionalism within Australian Public Administration. The Annual IPPA ACT Conference is the Institutes flagship event and it features the “Garran Oration”, which addresses the pursuit of excellence and preservation of core Institute values.

EAVS was required to provide technical services and audio visual solutions for the annual IPPA ACT Conference. The Event was held from 9am – 4.30 pm at Hotel Realm with 13 international speakers, innovators and thought leaders from public and private sectors presenting throughout the day.

Audience polling, of over 400 delegates, was required during the sessions.


As Audio Visual suppliers we are focused on delivering excellence and professionalism – the staff and equipment we use reflects this.

Our professional team arrived onsite the day before the conference to ensure there was sufficient time for set up and testing before the delegates arrived.

3 operators and 2 camera technicians were on site for the duration of the conference to ensure that all of the technical requirements for the day were met, in addition to managing any ad hoc adjustments or additions.

EAVS technicians worked with IPPA team to moderate and live screen responses and part of the live polling.


As a flagship event for IPPA, the expectation for its successful delivery is high. We understand the role our technical support plays in this.

Our dedication and professionalism has fostered a close an ongoing relationship with IPPA. We have enjoyed an exclusive partnership for more than 3 years, with numerous events (other than the Annual IPPA ACT Conference).

The Institute looks to EAVS to use the latest technology available for the delivery of high-end content – and we delivered.